वीर कुँवर सिंह महाविद्यालय

नबीनगर (औरंगाबाद) - 824301

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Veer Kunwar Singh College

VKSC is a premiere institution of higher learning in the state of Bihar, situated in the historic city of Aurangabad.Since its establishment in 1985, the college has been the leading torch-bearer of quality education and co-curricular activities in the state. And the trend continues to this day. In today’s world, the only thing constant is change. Education especially, is a field which requires constant upgradation.

The college wishes to bridge the knowledge gap between the rural and the urban population. We strive towards instilling a just, progressive and democratic outlook to our students so that they realize their fullest potential. It is our sincere hope that the task of nation building would be ably and responsibly shouldered by the future alumni of this prestigious institution.